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Faith and Physics: Science and Religion in Dialogue

Professor Daniel Scolnic (Duke University, Physics) studies the expansion of the universe, all the way back to the infinitesimal fraction of a second when it began. Professor Kavin Rowe (Duke Divinity School) claims to know what there was before, and why the cosmos came into existence. At this semester's et Religio Symposium, we'll join them for a conversation about the origin and meaning of the universe. 

Are there answers to the questions science simply can't answer? Are scientific and religious accounts in conflict? And what does what we believe about beginnings have to do with how we live here and now? In this evening of dinner and conversation, you'll listen to two professors' answers, then discuss your own with friends and fellow-students. No matter what you believe, you're welcome at the table.

Dinner is provided at no cost.

Please contact Jeff at for any questions. 

Location: 101 Science Dr, Durham, NC 27708 | Fitzpatrick Center Atrium (Pratt),