Center for Christianity
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Certificate Pathway

The Certificate in Christian Studies equips Duke undergraduates to be faithful witnesses for Christ in your academic studies and future vocations. Certificate programs help students develop a well-rounded Christian mind that includes knowledge of Scripture and theology, formation in the historic Christian tradition, and practice "thinking Christianly" across many domains of life. To earn the Certificate, complete four requirements, including at least two CCS-affiliated Duke courses and up to two CCS-led extracurricular experiences.


House Courses

House Courses towards the Certificate are taught by Christian professors. They are half-credit courses graded Sat/Unsat and provide elective credit toward graduation. House Courses include topics such as "Science and Christian Faith," "Money and Power," and "What do Christians Believe and Why?" Check out some of our upcoming courses below.

Fall 2023

Blessed are the Poor and Meek

Christian thinkers and activists have long considered the challenges posed by inequalities of money and power, and these are common themes preached from the pulpit, but consensus views remain elusive. Regardless of one’s own faith background, understanding the various positions that Christians have taken on challenges related to inequality as well as understanding what social science scholarship can tell us about the implications of those positions can equip us to thoughtfully engage these policy debates with profound consequences.

Fall 2023

Beauty, Suffering, and the Cross

Is God the Creator of both beauty and pain? How can a good God permit evil? Is violence/suffering a necessary “good”? And, what is the point of self-sacrifice? The course ultimately seeks to show how the ethical, aesthetic, and theological are not only inextricably intertwined but illuminated by a distinctively Christian paradox: its embrace of the Cross, a instrument of heinous torture, as the orienting image of beauty par excellence.


Projects, Experiences, More Courses

Fellows Project

The CCS Fellows meet once a month over one academic year to apply Christian thought to their future careers with guidance from Christian faculty.

Summer Session

CCS also offers shorter, more intensive summer programs, including a trip to Israel and internship opportunities.

Affiliated Courses

CCS-affiliated courses are taught by Christian faculty within their Duke departments, engage with big questions, and are open to Christian answers.

To learn more about the Certificate in Christian Studies, get in touch with Jeff Bennett, our Director of Undergraduate Formation!