Center for Christianity
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A Home for Christian Life & Learning at Duke

We believe that Christian intellectual exploration & imagination yield abundant life.

God calls us to love him as whole people, with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Too often, modern Christians have neglected to love God with their whole minds, fearing that intellectual inquiry endangers faith. But when we dare to question, test, and learn with open minds and hearts receptive to God, reason strengthens our faith, deepens our relationship with Christ, and equips us to be better citizens of the university and the world. The truly abundant life embraces our whole humanity—spirit and intellect, reason and faith, theory and practice, eruditio et religio.

We help Duke students and faculty:

Think Christianly

We believe that Christians are called to excel in every field of academic study to the glory of God—from history to biology to economics to engineering and computing, and more. Connecting students and faculty with scripture, the best of the Christian tradition, and brilliant thinkers today, we foster the exploration of life's important questions from a distinctively Christian perspective.

Build Community

CCS is a resource for everyone at Duke who is interested in the Christian intellectual tradition— for faculty, graduate students, and undergrads, Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox, cradle Christians and people of no religious faith looking for answers or arguments. By hosting conversations on questions that matter, CCS fosters deep friendships with like-minded lovers of truth.

Engage the University

Bridging the gap between what we learn in church on Sunday and what we learn in lectures and labs throughout the week, we equip students and faculty to engage the university with Christian understanding. Students and faculty well informed about Christian doctrine, respectful and curious about other sources of knowledge, and eager to dialogue across difference will be winsome witnesses for Christ at Duke and beyond.

What we offer

Courses and Reading Groups

CCS offers both for-credit and extracurricular courses on a wide range of topics, like “Science and Faith,” “Can the New Testament Be Trusted?” and “Beauty, Suffering, and the Cross.” We partner with Duke faculty to offer half-credit house courses and full-credit departmental courses. We also offer extracurricular short courses and reading groups.

Weekly Wednesday Meals

Each Wednesday, CCS hosts an informal social time to relax and connect with fellow Christians. Drop in on Wednesday evenings for free food and lively conversations on everything from Duke basketball to infant baptism, from tech addiction to contemporary Christian art. 

CCS House

The CCS House, located just off of East Campus, is open Monday-Friday as a study space. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to write, a meeting space for your study group, or a break over board games, enjoy a house that feels like home. Our growing library of theological books is also available as a resource—you’re welcome to browse and borrow.

Faculty Support

As a center for scholarship, we support Christian Duke faculty in the work of research and teaching. Invited speaker events like the Triangle Roundtable and social events like our back-to-school cookout build networks of friends and colleagues. Focused working groups of 3-10 faculty partner together for mentorship, research collaboration, and theological training. 

...and much more.

A home away from home.

Minds don’t think. People do. And people think in homes.

That's us!

East Campus

Upcoming Events

Grad Students

Weekly Wednesday Meal

Wed, Apr 17 at 5:30 p.m.

Come join us for our weekly meal! We'll enjoy fellowship with one another over food prepared by a member of our local community.

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Grad Students

Women’s Reading Group

Thu, Apr 18 at 7:30 p.m.

When men are treated as the default sex, women pose challenging intellectual problems: Does difference imply inferiority? How much do our bodies shape our vocations? What does the entanglement of mother and child reveal about what it means to be human? This group explores a wide range of Christian women's reflections on women's experiences of God, the church, and political and intellectual life. Readings may include excerpts from Edith Stein ("The Separate Vocations of Man and Woman According to Nature and Grace"), Pauli Murray ("Sermon on the Ordination of Women"), Sarah Coakley (God, Sexuality, and the Self: An Essay on the Trinity), Erika Bachiochi (The Rights of Women: Reclaiming a Lost Vision), and more. Bring your own suggested readings to share with the group!

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Women in Business

Thu, Apr 18 at 6:30 p.m.

Are you interested in one day embarking on a business venture? We’re starting a reading group geared towards women interested in business. This group will focus on nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset, and discovering how the Christian faith can influence our purpose in entrepreneurship and business. We’ll explore texts by Christian leaders in business, attend events, and foster a community around our common interest of making an impact on the world with our ideas. Join me this semester as we navigate exploring the field of business as Christian women.

Contact Elizabeth at for more information.

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