Center for Christianity
and Scholarship

Reading Group - Summer 2024

#Deconstruction: Understanding Why Evangelicals Are Leaving the Church

Over the past 50 years, Christians have declined from 90% of the population of the United States to 65%. About 40 million Americans (16% of all American adults) used to attend church but no longer do. #deconstruction, #exvangelical, and #churchhurt are trending terms to describe a massive movement of people disillusioned by experiences within evangelical churches.

Whether you are questioning your own faith, have a loved one who is struggling with or has rejected Christianity, or are simply wondering why evangelicals keep talking about an obscure branch of literary theory, this reading group will demystify #deconstruction and offer a space for honest conversation about why so many people are leaving American churches. We’ll dig into recent surveys and statistics as well as personal narratives representing a variety of outcomes for deconstruction: becoming an atheist or agnostic, finding a different kind of Christianity, or returning to evangelicalism with a vision for reform.

We'll meet six times, from the week of June 3 to the week of July 8

Lead by Kathryn Wagner
Location: CCS House
Mondays, 7:30-8:30 pm