Center for Christianity
and Scholarship

Reading Group - Summer 2024

Summer Working Group

Without classes on the schedule, summer is a great time to get work done—turn those results into a publishable article, level up proficiency in a new language (whether French or C++), knock out a dissertation chapter, or finally make some progress on that novel. But summer work can also suffer from a lack of structure and accountability. If you would appreciate solidarity in the sometimes lonely work of study, gather with fellow Christians to work side by side on our academic projects. 

Here's how it'll go. A small group will commit to meeting on a regular basis for a definite period of time (4 or 6 weeks). At each meeting, we'll open with prayer to ask for God's blessing on our work. Each member of the group will announce a specific goal for the working session. Then we'll work silently side by side for about 2.5 hours, with structured 5-minute breaks to stretch or grab a snack. You'll leave with concrete progress on your biggest summer project and momentum for the rest of the week.

We’ll meet Fridays 9 am-12 noon from May 17 until further notice.

Lead by Kathryn Wagner
Location: CCS House
Fridays, 9 am - 12 noon