Center for Christianity
and Scholarship

College is a fantastic time to explore big questions of meaning, purpose, and vocation, to encounter new and challenging ideas, to question the assumptions you were raised with and establish your most important beliefs on your own terms. But does exploring the questions and debates college has to offer mean risking a loss of faith?

It can be difficult to remain a Christian if you develop a college-level understanding of history, biology, or sociology while never moving past a Sunday-school understanding of theology and biblical studies. If you dig deeper into the Christian intellectual tradition, though, you’ll find that it includes thinkers every bit as brilliant, theories just as sophisticated, and answers far more satisfying than any alternative worldview. Through CCS’s courses and community, your theological knowledge and your living faith can keep pace with the rest of your intellectual development, illuminating and enriching your studies in your major.

Certificate Pathway

The Center for Christianity and Scholarship offers a Certificate in Christian Studies to students who complete at least four program requirements, including at least two Duke courses.


Our extracurricular seminars explore topics from “Arguments for God” to “Sexual Ethics” to “Christianity and Economics”.

Reading Groups

Explore works like C. S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters, Augustine’s Confessions, Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, and Dante’s Divine Comedy

Lectures and Special Events

CCS invites world-class speakers to share Christian wisdom with Duke audiences in lectures, panels, and symposia.

Weekly Wednesday Meal

Join us for fellowship and informal conversation at our Weekly Wednesday Meal.

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